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Compared to the crowded beaches of Nha Trang to the north and Mui Ne to the south, the beaches in Phan Rang — Cam Ranh are the perfect place because it is picturesque. If you like to explore to join a Vietnam Motorbike Tours, Phan Rang — Cam Ranh are the places you should choose if coming to Central Vietnam.

Details of Phan Rang — Cam Ranh Motorbike Tours:

Distance: 55 km

Duration: 1–3 days

Scenery: beaches, mountains, the fishing village

Road conditions: good with light traffic on the coastal road.

Vietnam Motorcycle Trips To Cam Ranh

Charming beaches are always the first destination when coming to Phan Rang. Each beach has its own characteristics like the beach of Ca Na, described as a sleepy fairy queen because of its poetic beauty. Ninh Chu beach is the best place in Vietnam to watch the sunset. Despite the lack of many beautiful coral reefs, Vinh Hy Bay attracts people by the beauty of the blue sea surrounded by majestic limestone mountains and green grass coverings.

Phan Rang weather is often hot; therefore there are many sand dunes and plateaus. For example, Phuoc Dinh sand dune, about 20m-30m high, attracts tourists by unique sand waves. Due to the influence of the wind, the terrain here changes constantly and creates an interesting natural phenomenon.

We start our Vietnam Motorbike Journey to Cam Ranh along the road of DT702, you will be impressed by the beautiful bays and beaches here. The coastal road on the journey will test your ability to drive with difficult bends.

Out of Phan Rang, we will go to Nai swamp, located in Ninh Hai district, this is the habitat of many rare animals and plants. At the same time, this place is also a place used by people to produce salt.

We continue Cam Ranh Motorbike Tours to visit Hang Rai, in the south of Vinh Hy Bay. We follow the direction of provincial road 703 to reach Rai cave. The road to the cave is quite easy, with signs, and parking is available outside the cave.
From Phan Rang — Thap Cham city center, we follow the provincial road 703 straight to Rai cave. The entrance to the cave is very easy to go, with a clear notice outside. We buy entrance tickets, outside parking. This place is pristine and dreamy with the blue sea, white sand, stone embankments. The experience should be here including taking photos, getting into the cave, and fishing. Do not bathe in this area because of strong waves, lots of rocks.

Our next destination on the Wonderful Vietnam Motorbike Tours to Phan Rang — Cam Ranh is Hon Do, which still retains its wild features with a clean coastline. Along the coast, you will be able to admire the beautiful natural scenery with golden sands, blue beach or vast salt fields. Coming to Hon Do, you also have the chance to discover rich coral reefs with many types and colors.

Then we returned along the DT702 road, also passing Nui Chua National Park to return to Vinh Hy Bay, one of the main attractions in Phan Rang — Cam Ranh. Vinh Hy Bay is a small bay located in Vinh Hai Commune, Ninh Hai District, Ninh Thuan Province. Located in the northeast of Ninh Thuan province, 42 km from Phan Rang city. Vinh Hy Bay has surrounding mountains.

Vinh Hy Bay is a beautiful bay of Ninh Thuan. When you come the Ninh Thuan Motorbike Tours, you will conquer two beautiful roads with both dangerous and majestic bends. Next is the romantic beach at the pier, the feeling of floating on the sea, watching coral by glass-bottom boat, enjoying seafood. Coral diving is the undersea activity that you definitely can’t ignore when traveling to Vinh Hy Bay. Just a diving goggles and snorkel is able to explore a colorful world under the sea. You will swim with fish and admire the magnificent beauty of coral forests swaying in the water. To Vinh Hy Bay, you can book a tour with the train right at the bay and should go for more than 10 people, the price will be cheaper. If few people need to negotiate a little price with the tour. From the boat, you can relax fishing or watch the coral reefs sparkling under the water through the boat made of transparent glass.

After returning the Phan Rang, you can refer some destinations in Phan Rang Motorbike Tours:

Po Klong Garai Tower

The place you cannot ignore in your Vietnam Motorbike Journey to Phan Ranh is Po Klong Garai Tower. You go to Phu Ha, Phan Rang — Thap Cham City, follow the road 21/8 towards Da Lat. Then move through the intersection with the train, take another segment to arrive. Go to Po Klong Garai Tower, you buy tickets and freely visit the areas of the tower.

Po Klong Garai Cham Towers architecture consists of 3 main towers which are the main tower, the fire tower and the gate tower. From the moment you stepped on the hill of Trau, you can see the majestic beauty of the indigo tower standing at the top. The closer it is, the more sophisticated lines and unique architecture are visible. Most towers are built from dark red bricks.

Poklong Garai Cham Towers in Ninh Thuan have the Gate tower, which is the two gates connecting each other along the East-West axis. The Gate Tower is about 9m high, sculpted with meticulous patterns. This place is also the gateway to the ceremony, sacrifice and welcome guests of the king in the past.

In the South is the Fire Tower, it has the characteristic architecture of the traditional houses of the Cham Pa nation, bearing the Sa Huynh culture. The Fire Tower is 9.31 meters high, 8.18 meters long and five meters wide, it is designed with the Brahman tradition. The two roofs of the curved tower are quite similar to the roof of the ethnic people in the Central Highlands. This is a place of worship for monks, a place for planes, and requisites of Cham Pa king.

Coming the Po Klong Garai Tower in the Phan Rang Motorbike Tours, you have a chance to learn more the culture and history of Vietnam and Cham Pa. This place is becoming famous with lots of people come and visit in Ninh Thuan.

Ba Moi Vineyard

Next, you will come Ba Moi vineyard in the Vietnam Motorbike Tours. Ba Moi vineyard is located in the countryside of Hiep Hoa village, Phuoc Thuan commune, Ninh Phuoc district and is about 7 km from Phan Rang city center. From Cau bridge on Dinh river, looking down, the Ba Moi farm stretches green, the lines of overlapping serial lines will make visitors excited.

Ba Moi Vineyards contain 13 types of grapes, including 9 types of fresh fruit grapes (including 4 red grapes, 3 green grapes, Italian and Blackqueen) and 4 types of grapes used to make wine (including Cabernet Sauvignon, Chenin Blanc, Syrah and Syrah 1). Coming to the vineyard during the harvest season, you also come across unique colors of grapes such as black, red, purple and even bunches of green grapes on the truss. With the people who harvest grapes in the early morning, you will feel happy when choosing Wonderful Vietnam Motorbike Tours to Phan Rang — Cam Ranh to this place.


+ Experience one of the most beautiful sea routes in Vietnam, many people appreciate the beauty and peace

+ Know more about the culture and customs of the indigenous Cham people

+ Visiting Ba Moi vineyard

+ Tourism Vinh Hy Bay, the most beautiful bay in Central Vietnam

Phan Rang is a land with beautiful landscapes, beaches, and green grape fields, so you do not hesitate, let’s come to our Wonderful Vietnam Motorbike Tours to Phan Rang — Cam Ranh to have a great experience. For details, please contact our website: https://vietnammotorbiketoursclub.com

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