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Lao Cai Motorbike Tour is now gradually becoming popular not only with the misty Sapa town, but also many beautiful tourist attractions waiting for you to explore such as Y Ty, Bach Moc Luong Tu peak, Tien Sa waterfall, and Thuong temple. A Y Ty Sapa Motorbike Tour is attractive to the off-road riders for challenging pass roads, and the peaceful scenery with terraced rice fields in the season of grain. Let’s explore Off-road motorbike touring to Y Ty Sapa in 2 days in Lao Cai via the following article!

Where is Y Ty?

Located at an altitude of over 2000m above sea level, Y Ty is a highland commune of commune 135, Bat Xat district. It has a cool climate all year round, but particularly harsh in the winter. With the winter temperature below 0 degrees Celsius, many riders have considered this place as a unique destination to hunt great photos of snow and clouds.

Y Ty is also the only place where the Nhi Ha ethnic people live. With its unique cultural identity, Den Sang primeval forest — the “hanging forest” on high mountains, Y Ty in Lao Cai appeals to local and foreign riders, especially young people who love to discover, conquer narrow mountainous roads or challenging and adventurous passes.

When to travel to Y Ty

Y Ty is beautiful and charming in a special way in each period of the year. Usually, there are 2 times when people choose to visit this land. First is from the end of August to the middle of September that Y Ty put on the yellow shirt of the rice terraced fields when it is during the crop. The ripe season of in Y Ty is listed as one of the most beautiful “ripe” hunting places in the Northwest. Another great time to have a Sapa Y Ty Motorcycle Tour is from September to April of next year. It is an extremely suitable time to view clouds here because of the magnificent space like you are standing on 9 clouds. Besides, during this time, the temperature in Y Ty in Lao Cai may be very cold, so you should prepare warm clothes to avoid chilling when coming to this place. On the other hand, you can discover Y Ty in the rain season from May to June every year to have new experiences of off-road motorbike touring to Y Ty Sapa in 2 days

Which roads to Y Ty Sapa

Either you experience off-road motorcycles or you are new to them, you can finish your trip in a day from arrival to the Sapa-Y Ty Loop. However, we strongly suggest that two days of travel, together with a chance to stay a night at one of few homestays while being on this great tour of Northern Loop Vietnam Motorbike Tours, will give you more comfort. However, you may be able to drive in either direction, we assume you will ride clockwise on the loop as you first ride from Sapa. You can ride two routes to conquer the Sapa-Y Ty Loop. On the first route, you and youVietnam Motorcycle Tour guides will ride via Lao Cai on QL4D as a literal ‘loop’. Or you and your team can ride follow the ‘P’-shaped loop as you return to road DT158 from Ban Vuov to Ban Xeo before retracing your outward route back to Sapa on road DT155 and QL4D. Both two roads have a total length of almost 195 km. Therefore, it is not really a problem of choosing which ways to go to Sapa — Y Ty. And you will have chances to enjoy the beautiful scenes along the two routes.

Day 1: Lao Cai Motorbike Tour to Y Ty

From Hanoi, to get to Y Ty, our Y Ty Sapa Motorcycle Tour crew has to pass Lao Cai. Lao Cai has been known as a place of numerous tourist sites. In addition, the road leading here is in good condition so there are not many troubles for motorbike riding. Though, on the way to Y Ty from Lao Cai, we have challenges of the slippery road, especially in the rainy season.

Since Hanoi is 40 km far from Y Ty, the road really consumes your energy and makes you exhausted. It is actually not an easy road if this is the first time you joined North West Vietnam Motorbike ToursHowever, with the help from skillful and experienced tour guide of Vietnam Motorcycle Tours club, you are guaranteed about the safety of the trip.

When arriving in Lao Cai center, our team moves ahead to town of Bac Xat by riding on the route Lao Cai — Bat Xat — Trinh Tuong — Lung Po. In particular, while moving from Trinh Tuong to A Mom Sung, we pass a small road to Lung Po. Here is the place that the water flow origins from China and flows into Vietnam then merges with Lung Po to become the Red River. Now, from Lung Po, the road leads through A Mu Sung, A Lu, Ngai Thau and Y Ty.

Y Ty is a border highland commune in Lao Cai, at an altitude of over 2000m above sea level. This place is famous as the most beautiful cloudy land in Vietnam. The clouds spread across the valley, interwoven through every mountain, and every roof house. The entrance leading to Y Ty with two rows of green trees is reaching out to welcome the sun. Each layer of clouds floats like a piece of smoke. It makes the scene here as appealing as beautiful as a lacquer painting. All daily activities of the people here are taking place at the murmuring stream on the side of the village entrance.

Day 2: Back to Hanoi

After the breakfast time, our Sapa — Y Ty loop Motorcycle Tour team will start the last day of this short North West Motorcycle Tour.

Firstly, we will pass Phan Can Su village, which is one of the two highest hamlets and 10 km from the center of Y Ty. Although the entrance of the village is full of pebble stone, you still be able to ride on and watch the sky cloud scene to feel the wind blowing through your hair.

Next, we ride to Hong He village near Vietnam-China marginal to reach Y Ty. Especially, the scenery of the bridge here is like a movie scene. We also take a few minutes for a morning walk in Thien Sinh while riding through this place. After that, it is about 9.30. am, our team will return to Sapa by sticking to the route Muong Hum — Am Sang — O Quy Ho — Sapa. It will cost a few hours of riding to back to Sapa, so hopefully, we will arrive there at 3 pm. From here, the team comes back to Lao Cai and return to Hanoi to finish the off-road motorbike touring to Y Ty Sapa in 2 days.

Joining the journey of Y Ty Sapa Motorbike Tour gives you chances to come to a strange and experience space of the Northern mountainous region. In the picturesque area of mountains and clouds, there are magnificent terraced fields to love. Don’t miss this trip!

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