What are Vietnam visa requirements for Palau citizens 2019 – 2020?

Vietnam visa requirements for Palau citizens

How to response Vietnam visa requirements for Palau citizens efficiently? This article will show you all Vietnam visa tips in details.

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Best tips to apply Vietnam visa for Palau citizens 2019 – 2020

What is the address of Vietnam Embassy in Palau?

Do Palau citizens need to apply Vietnam visa before entering Vietnam?

The Immigration law of Vietnam emphasizes any passenger whose nationality is not on the Visa exemption list must obtain Vietnam visa so as to visit Vietnam legitimately.

Not only that, according to the new immigration law which has become valid from 2015 foreigners who break the law of entry and exit will be deported from Vietnam and the maximum fine can be imposed is $2000.

Hence, in order to avoid all above risks at all frontiers, holding Vietnam visa for Palau citizens is obligatory document or passengers can choose to get the approval letter in advance and get Vietnam visa for Palau citizens later upon arrival at Vietnam airports obeys to the Vietnam Immigration law.

When Vietnam visa for Palau citizens is not necessary?

Generally, there are 2 circumstances in which Palau passport holders do not need Vietnam visa:

  • Firstly, passengers just take less than 24 hours to transit at Vietnam airports.
  • Secondly, Palau citizens fly directly to Phu Quoc Island and stay there less than 30 days.

What happens if you are not Palau citizens? We will give you a list of countries exempt from the visa. Please look up to know whether you need a visa or not.

List of countries exempt from the visa to enter Vietnam

Vietnam visa requirements for Palau citizens

How to apply Vietnam Visa?

2 ways are ready for your choice.

Applying Vietnam Visa online (recommended)

It is named Vietnam Visa on Arrival (VOA). This is the most effective way because of its convenience, quickness and safety. In addition you don’t need to send passport to anywhere. Just spend some minutes to fill the online form via website https://visaonlinevietnam.com/, you can apply Vietnam Visa Online without any difficulties. The strongest point of our service is restraining expense. Our service fee is fixed in website https://visavietnamonline.org/, especially NO hidden charged, NO fail.

Vietnam visa requirements for Palau citizens

You can apply online wherever over the world with Internet, Wireless, 3G Mobile Connection. It sounds simple, easy to send your information in our Apply Visa Form online via website. Do Not Worry about your Application, you will get a Confirmation Letter just for 1-2 working hours. An Approval Letter is coming within 2 working days for a normal Visa. In emergency we can process your Visa from 30 minutes to 4 hours. You receive an approval letter via email before boarding the plane. As soon as arriving at the airports in Vietnam, you have stamped Visa. If you need a help we will support you 24/7 at the airport.

Applying Vietnam visa on Arrival, you can get your Vietnam visa in Koror, Airai, Kloulklubed, Meyungs, Melekeok, Ngermid, Ollei or any cities in Palau. Let’s apply visa at visaonlinevietnam.com!

Applying Visa at Vietnamese Embassy or Vietnamese Consulate

This way takes you a lot of time for applying and waiting. You have to lodge your passport and relevant documents to Vietnamese Embassy or Vietnamese Consulate in your country. Sometimes your application is failed because of missing passport, important documents. You don’t know how the progress of your application is going on. If you want Visa urgently whether your Visa will be ready in time. This is a big trouble when you are on business or having study, medical emergency….. Moreover you can’t restrain fee, have to pay additional cost.

Vietnam visa requirements for Palau citizens

There is no Embassy/Consulate of Viet Nam in Palau but you can apply visa to Vietnam at another nation where it has Embassy/Consulate of Viet Nam. Therefore we suggest that you should apply the Vietnam Visa On Arrival in our website.

Vietnam visa extension for Palau passport holder

One of Vietnam visa requirements for Palau citizens is Visa Extension. Foreigners in general and Palau passport holders in particular are only permitted to stay in Vietnam for 06 maximum continuous months, according to the provisions of the Government of Vietnam.

If passenger has visa expired without further extension, passenger will be fined due to overdue visa, can be deported from Vietnam and listed on the entry blacklist.

Passenger entering at Moc Bai border gate Tay Ninh Province, Tan Son Nhat border gate in Ho Chi Minh City will easily extend and save cost than at Noi Bai border gate in Hanoi or Da Nang, Nha Trang.

There are many kind of procedures for Vietnam visa extension for Palau people depending on their purpose, such as tourism, trade, work, relative visit. Each purpose has different requirements.

Work Permits for Palau Passport Holders

Vietnam visa requirements for Palau citizens

The last Vietnam visa requirements for Palau citizens is work permits, it is used for Palau employees coming to work in Vietnam. They should prepare following documents to save the time to come back your country:

  • The judicial profile issued by the authority of the resident country and is governed by the foreign diplomatic of that country. Foreigners should ask for some copies to use in other cases.
  • The certificate of at least 5 year working experience of company which should be governed by the foreign diplomatic of that country. The foreigners should ask for some copies of this document.
  • Other related certificates or degrees should be governed.

Of course, Work permits are limited and if it is nearly out of date, they have to make Vietnam Visa extension. Before at least 10 days but not more than 30 days before the existing permit expires, the foreign employers working in Vietnam must submit documents to renew work permit to local Department of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs Service in which were initially granted the permit.


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