How much does it cost to get Vietnam visa from New Zealand?

Vietnam Evisa in New Zealand

According to Vietnam Immigration law, foreigners in general and New Zealand citizens in particular wishing to get Vietnam visa are required to pay Vietnam visa fee including Vietnam visa approval price and Vietnam visa stamping price.

1. What is Vietnam visa approval fees for New Zealand?

Vietnam visa approval price is the fee for processing pre-approval Vietnam visa for New Zealand. This fee should be paid before issuing of Vietnam visa approval letter/code for visa agent requesting Vietnam visa with the Immigration Department for you. It is depended on applicants’ nationality, the kind of visa you want to apply, and the numbers of applicant in one visa application. For Zealand passport holders, the price details is USD 20/ person for 1 month single entry visa, USD 25/ person for 1 month multiple entries visa, USD 30/ person for 3 month single entry visa, and USD 70/ person for 3 month multiple entries visa. For applications for 3 applicants upward, Vietnam visa approved price will be discounted. For further information about discounted price, please refer to the Vietnam Visa cost.

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2. What is Vietnam stamping visa fees for New Zealand?

To get Vietnam visa, besides visa approval price, New Zealand is required to pay stamping price to get Vietnam visa stamped onto your passport. For travelers getting Vietnam visa on arrival, stamping price should be paid in cash for Vietnam Immigration officers at Vietnam airport by yourself. In this case, stamping price is the same for foreigners from all countries. It is USD 45/person for the single entry visa (1 month or 3 months); USD 65/person for multiple entry visa of no more than 29 days; USD 95/person for multiple entry visa of more than 29 days and less than 90 days.

In case New Zealand wants to get Vietnam visa at Vietnam Embassy, both visa approval price and stamping price will be paid for staff in charge there. However, these fees is various from the Embassy in different countries. Normally, it takes about USD 90/ person for visa price and 5 working days for processing time to get Vietnam visa issued.

Due to many experienced customers’ feedbacks, the price for Vietnam visa on arrival is much cheaper than getting the visa at Vietnam Embassy in New Zealand. In addition, the procedure to get a Vietnam visa on arrival is very time-saving, simple and secure. To get a Vietnam visa on arrival, applicants just need to submit Vietnam visa online application and complete visa approval price at the final step. In case you want to check again your all information before proceeding payment, you can “Pay later” by credit card or debit card via payment link in the invoice we send you or via payment function.

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  1. Good morning. Is a NZ Passport holder able to arrive in Vietnam by air and obtain a visa for a 30 day Tourist visit? If so, how much does it cost and what other requirements must the applicant fulfill?

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