How to get a Vietnam visa quickly in New Zealand


Vietnam is a breathtaking country to spend a holiday and a potential market to seek business opportunities. Depending on the nature of the trip, you may be issued a tourist or business visa. With 8 years of working experience in the field of immigration, we are happy to share necessary information to get Vietnam visa quickly in New Zealand.


How long can you stay in Vietnam with a visa?

Length of permitted stay is determined by visa validity starting from the entry date you enter in the application, whereby you can obtain the visa as early as 6 months prior to the trip without being afraid that it may get expired before your departure. A tourist visa allows a stay of maximum 90 days and a business visa grants a longer stay of up to 12 months.

How to apply?

At present, the citizens of New Zealand have options to get the visa either before arrival or on arrival. With “before arrival” option, you are advised to file the application at the Vietnam Embassy in New Zealand. As for “on arrival” option, you can enjoy the comfort of home while applying online.
1. Apply at embassy
• Good to use at airport and sea/land ports
• No waiting at the port of entry
• Visa fees are high and non-refundable in case of refusal
• Processing time is slow
The embassy is located at Level 21 – Grand Plimmer Tower, 2-6 Gilmer Terrace, Wellington 6011. It’s possible to apply in person or by mail to the embassy. The waiting time for visa issuance is 5 working days since receipt of complete application. In case of emergency, it takes only 1-2 working days (extra fee is required).

Requirements for Vietnam visa application in New Zealand:

Original passport: should be valid at least 1 month after the visa expires. If you travel by air, the airlines will require your passport to have 6 months validity. Passport copy is accepted in case you request a loose-leaf visa.
Completed application form: available for download on the website of the embassy. Print out the form, sign on it and affix with 01 passport-sized photos. The application for loose-leaf visa needs 2 photos.
Visa fees: should be paid in cash for the in-person application. If applying by post, the fees must be in the form of MONEY ORDER, or CERTIFIED CHECK payable to “EMBASSY OF VIETNAM.” Applicants applying together may submit combined payment in one money order or one check.
A prepaid return envelops: must be enclosed when you request the passport with visa to be returned to your door.

2. On arrival

• Easy to apply online anywhere, anytime
• Visa fees are low
• Processing time is short
• Support service is available 24/7
• Good for only air entry
• Waiting time at the airport may be slow ( stamping assistance may solve this problem)
I know what you are thinking. Vietnam visa on arrival process operates differently from what people imagine. Of course, the visa will be issued at the airport but you must submit for approval before arrival. The steps below will help you more understand how it works:
Step 1:  
For tourist visa
Fill out the application form online and select the length of stay from the drop-down menu, intended date of entry. Please be aware that the format date is mm/dd/yy. If the system does not allow you to enter the dates, it’s likely you get the format wrong.
For business visa
Send visa request to Visa Service Email. Attach your passport copy to email with information about visa validity and proposed travel date. We will reply to you shortly with a payment link. Read more at Vietnam business visa.
Step 2: Make payment with credit/debit card through Paypal or Onepay. If you prefer to pay the fee via Western Union or bank transfer, contact us to get bank account details.
Step 3: The approval and an entry/exit form will be sent to your email within 2 working days on normal basic and 1 working day on an urgent basis. Read Vietnam rush visa for further information. Processing time for a long-term business visa is a bit longer that takes 5 working days.
Step 4: Use the approval to perform check-in flight procedure. Upon arrival, join the queue in front of checkpoint counter and be ready to submit the original passport, visa approval, 01 passport photo, and completed entry form. After 15 minutes, the officer will return the passport with visa stamp and ask you to pay the stamping fee before leaving the counter. It’s necessary to note that the fee must be paid in cash; only USD and VND are accepted.
Last note: In order to avoid any problems at the port of entry, make sure you check the errors of the visa or approval right after it is granted. If there is one or more than one mistake, contact the embassy/agent immediately for correction or issuing the new visa/approval.

Author: Vietnam Embassy Admin

9 thoughts on “How to get a Vietnam visa quickly in New Zealand

  1. Kia ora

    I have been to Vietnam previous taking school groups as part of their History study. The last trip was in 2014. I am coming back on March 1 – 14 with my son. It use to cost me $25 for a visa. Is this still the price?

    Nga mihi (kind regards)

    1. Dear Wayne McFarlane
      in this case, the approval letter is 18usd you pay online to get approval letter for issuing the visa at the airport on arrival date. On arrival, you will pay 25usd for visa stamping fee. Total 43usd.

      More Info pls click this link: Thanks

  2. Is it possible to get an evisa on line and pay for it when you arrive (25 dollars) Official site please if so.

    Would I still need an approval letter if it done this way? and does the approval letter always cost?

    Many thanks

    1. Dear Maria Bremmers!

      You apply for visa online at
      to get approval letter in hand by email we will send(approval letter is a document issued from the Immigration Department – this is legal validity for your entry to get visa at the airport). You print it out for check in airlines on board. On arrival, you give approval letter + application form (we will send it with approval letter) with 2 photos(4*6cm) + passport + cash for visa stamping fee to Officers at Immigration counter in Landing visa area and wait for passport back with visa stamped.

  3. Greetings,

    My family and I are taking a cruise in November and we will be visiting 4 ports in Vietnam. Reading the information on the Vietnam NZ Embassy website I believe I need to get our visa directly from the embassy. Is this correct? Where can i find the forms I need to complete.

  4. Hi there,

    I’m a New Zealand passport holder, January 2020 I will travel to Vietnam by cruise from Hong Kong. Do I need to apply for a visa before I go or the staff on the cruise can help with it?


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