Things To Know Before Applying for Your New Zealand Visa


Whenever you are considering migrating to another country, there are a couple of things you should give thought to and there is really no different when you are planning to migrate to New Zealand. This was a statement made by the New Zealand most trusted immigration porthole “New Zealand Now” – which gives a wealth of information to visitors and migrants that may be considering to make New Zealand their new home. Below are a few of the advice we can cull out of the experience shared.


Find out if your skills are in demand:

The employment rates in New Zealand is growing at a steady pace. There are indeed many job opportunities available across the industries but only specific skills are needed urgently. If your skills happen to be on the list of the highly demanded skills, you will find it a whole lot easier to get a visa. Also, it is advisable to have your skills and qualifications assessed by reputable New Zealand immigration consultants in Dubai to make sure your qualifications are all in order.

Go See for yourself Before you Decide:

There is nothing really bad about paying a visit to New Zealand before you migrate. You can check in for a holiday before making the final move. This way, you will have an avenue to experience what life is like in the country and probably get to meet potential employers. After doing this, it won’t be too hard to decide whether New Zealand is a good fit for you and your family. You may need a visit visa to make this happen.

Get the Right Advice:

You are welcome to submit a visa application all by yourself or better still, you can get the help of immigration agents in Dubai if you feel you are not really sure about what is involved in the whole process. Actually, it is better to get help as most of the immigration agents are licensed and are well experienced in the processes of migrating.

Check Your Visa Options:

Visa application is really not cheap and the process may not be an easy run. It is therefore advisable to check your options to know which you are most eligible for before you even start out applying. This is also another area where you will find New Zealand Immigration in Dubai consultants, like Permits and Visas, very helpful. Immigration agents are going to be helpful to you in no small way and there are many loopholes they will help you escape and many hurdles they will help you scale since they are already familiar with the system and know what to do and what not to do.

Ensure You Have the Right Paper Work:

It is very important that you make sure you have all the requirements of the visa category that you have chosen before you submit your application. If the proper documentation is not done, your application process will take longer than expected. It is, therefore, best for you to consult your immigration agent for advice if you have one and if not, we are here to help at Permits and Visas.

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